Additional Accessories to Add
The Trundle Bed
- The Trundle Bed is a "bed on wheels" that adds an extra twin bed in the same floor space, and easily slides underneath either an Individual Bed or a Bunk Bed as in the picture on the left. 
Each trundle bed comes with its own bunky board (included in the price)
- A solid box (containing the mattress) built on heavy duty casters, it is able to be moved to any place in the room, and then stored under the bed when not being used
- If extra storage is needed, the mattress can be removed and the box used as a large drawer, with space for extra bedding, out-of-season clothing, toys, even luggage
- The Trundle Bed even saves on cleaning, because dust and dirt (or toys) cannot collect in the space occupied by the Trundle Bed
- The recommended mattress thickness is 7" or less for the Trundle Bed
Add a Trundle Bed Frame to any Single or Bunk Bed

$275  TR-800 Twin Trundle Bed

$300  TR-900 Twin XL Trundle Bed
The Storage Drawer Sets
- The Storage Drawer Sets are our best-selling accessory. Take a look at why our Storage Drawers are very different than the normal under-the-bed drawer
- Our Storage Drawers are 42" from front to back (normal drawers are usually 14"-18") 
There is no wasted space behind the drawers
Divided into two sections, the back section is great for storing out-of-season clothing, or items that are not used every day, while the front is large enough to store clothing, toys, even assembled Lego sets!
- And there is almost no cleaning under the bed! With all the space under a twin bed used, there is less chance for dirt to accumulate
- Built on heavy duty casters instead of drawer slides, they will hold much more weight and can be rolled to anywhere in the room and then stored under the bed
- The Storage Drawers come in a two-drawer set (37" wide each) or a three-drawer set (27" wide each) either set used all available space under a twin bed
Under-Bed Storage Drawer Sets

$180  DR-100 Single Drawer 
(for use under L-shaped Bunk Bed)
$300  DR-200 Double Drawer Set 
(Each Drawer is 9"H x 42"D x 37"W)
$350  DR-300 Triple Drawer Set 
(Each Drawer is 9"H x 42"D x 27"W)
- Need a shelf to put that Bible, clock, favorite book, or bedtime snack? Then you need a headboard. 
-These Headboards have a simple design that goes well with the rustic look of our beds, and provide a great shelf in a convenient location - right at your fingertips

NOTE: In order to allow for the space needed for the headboard the frame on the bed needs to stretched an extra 6", so take that into consideration when measuring for your new bed.

* the Headboards include extending the bed           frame to the XL size

$90    HB-100 Twin Headboard ($170 set of two)

$105  HB-150 Full Headboard ($200 set of two)

$125  HB-170 Queen Headboard ($240 set of two)  
- The Desk shown at the left is designed to fit nicely under our Tall Loft Bed and creates a little "office" for your teen (or you) under the bed. This desk is designed to coordinate with the Loft Bed itself

- An L-shaped desk with space for a computer at the corner of the "L." It is 40" long on each wing and a comfortable 14" wide front to back on the wings
- The stand-alone desk is not attached to the bed, so it can be easily moved anywhere else in the room when you want to change the arrangement of the furniture

Bunky Boards
We provide the Bunky Boards for each bed we sell unless otherwise noted.

- A Bunky Board is the item used to support the mattress. Some bunk beds use slats under the mattress, but slats break occasionally and do not meet the safety standards we put into our beds. 
- The Bunky Boards that we carry are made out of furniture-grade 3/4" plywood that are pre-sanded on one side. They are very strong and durable. Each Bunky Board is cut to size in our shop and then has the edges sanded to avoid splinters.

Because of the strength of the plywood Bunky Boards, the recommended maximum weight limit is 500 lbs for each bed, top and bottom.
** Please note: Bunky Boards MUST be screwed down to the frame to provide maximum strength.
- A classy addition to any bunk bed or loft, the stairs will make is easier for your child to climb into the upper bunk while providing some valuable storage space underneath each step. 

Space-saving cubby holes accessible from both sides of the Stairs.

- Stairs also make it 
easier to change the 
bedding on the 
upper bunk. 
$300   Four-stair unit (regular height Bunk / Loft) 

$250   Three-stair unit (junior height Bunk / Loft)

Junior L-shaped bunk with Three-Stair unit
Twin over Full frame and Trundle Bed          with Bunky Boards installed
Bunky Board above and below views on a Paul Bunyan Stackable Bunk
Desk  (Stand-alone)

$180  DK-100 Twin Desk (fits under Twin Loft)

$220  DK-150 Full/Queen Desk (fits under Full/Queen Loft)

Desk  (Built-In)

$160   DK-200  Twin Desk  (attached to Twin Loft frame)

$200  DK-250  Full/Queen Desk  (attached to Full/Queen Loft frame)