Specialty Beds 

- Those Arrangements That Are Hard To Find
Specialty Beds available in Two Models: 
Paul Bunyan - Heavyweight and extremely tough
Princess Style - Lighter weight but still strong!
Accessories and Mattresses are available (accessories page)
#7a The Triple Bunk
- This is a Specialized Bunk Bed allowing for three twin beds to be stacked on top of each other for the maximized use of floor space 
- The Triple Bunk is also available in a Stackable arrangement to convert into an Individual Bed and a Bunk Bed.
- And the Triple Bunk still has enough space underneath for a set of Storage Drawers or even a Trundle Bed!
- A short ladder on the front allows easy access to the middle bunk!
Triple Bunk Prices                      
(bunky boards are included)

Twin-Size Triple Bunk Bed
$1,040  PB-700 Paul Bunyan Triple Bunk
$1,065  PB-710 Paul Bunyan Triple Stackable
(Add $75 for Twin-Extra-Long Bunk)

Option: Add Under-Bed Drawers
or Trundle Bed
See Accessories Page
#8 The Captain Bed
- The Captain Bed is a single bed (available in Twin, Full, or Queen) with Drawers under it. (see accessories page for description of the Drawers available) 
- The set with an Headboard and Drawers makes a great looking bed set for any bedroom
Stain creates a more rustic look to the bed, while Paint (see options page) adds a more modern look to this great looking, practical bed
Captain's Bed Prices
(bunky board is included)

Twin-Size Captain's Bed Arrangements
$600  PB-610 Paul Bunyan Captain (2 dr)
$690  PB-630 Paul Bunyan Captain (2 dr) + Headboard
$650  PB-620 Paul Bunyan Captain (3 dr) 
$740  PB-640 Paul Bunyan Captain (3 dr) + Headboard
** change frame to fix Twin XL mattress +$20

Full-Size Captain's Bed Arrangements
$790  PB-650 Paul Bunyan Captain (2 dr)
$895  PB-660 Paul Bunyan Captain (2 dr) + Headboard
$840  PB-660 Paul Bunyan Captain (3 dr)
$945  PB-670 Paul Bunyan Captain (3 dr) + Headboard

Queen-Size Captain with Triple Drawers
$880     PB-680 Paul Bunyan Captain (3 dr)
$1,005  PB-690 Paul Bunyan Captain (3 dr) + Headboard
#9 The Toddler (Youth) Bunk Bed
- The Toddler Bunk Bed is a bunk bed designed to fit a standard crib sized mattress (28 1/2" x 52"). Using a Viking model bed frame, all the parts are cut shorter to bring the bed frame down to fit a crib mattress
- All the bed frames are designed to handle the weight of adults, including the Toddler beds
- The Toddler Bunk is built closer to the floor and comes with close spaced rungs for extra safety
- Also available in a Short Loft Bed to provide play or storage space beneath the bed
** I have been notified that there are different sizes for the "crib" mattresses. Please measure carefully, and feel free to ask any questions to make sure the bed frame will fit the mattress

Toddler Bunk Bed
Paul Bunyan stackable Triple Bunk
- ceiling height is 8' (standard)
Twin Size Paul Bunyan Captain Bed 
- with Headboard and 3 Storage Drawers
Toddler Bed Prices
(bunky boards are included)

Toddler/Youth Bunk Bed
$500  TL-900 Viking Youth Bunk
+$50 to add guard rails to the lower bed (shown in the picture)

Toddler/Youth Loft Bed
$410  TL-950 Viking Youth Loft

Twin Triple Bunk = 81" long, 43" wide, 72- 84" tall

Twin XL Triple Bunk = 87" long, 43" wide, 72- 84" tall


Twin Triple L-shaped Bunk = 81" long, 84" wide (middle bed), 70-74" tall

Twin XL Triple L-shaped Bunk = 87" long, 90" wide (middle bed), 70-74" tall


Toddler Bunk or Loft = 58" long, 33" wide, 55" tall

Triple L-shaped Bunk Prices                      
(bunky boards are included)

Twin-Size Triple Bunk Bed
$1,130  PB-750 Paul Bunyan Triple L-shaped Bunk
(Add $75 for Twin-Extra-Long Bunk)

#7b The Triple L-shaped Bunk
- The Triple L-shaped Bunk provides three Twin beds while leaving most of the floor space free
- The L-shaped Bunk can be separated into a Tall Bunk and a Short Loft for independent use
- And the Triple L-shaped Bunk still has enough space underneath for a set of Storage Drawers

Paul Bunyan Twin L-shaped Triple Bunk
- with 3 Storage Drawers
Paul Bunyan Full Captain Bed
- with Headboard and Twin Trundle
Paul Bunyan Twin XL Captain Bed
- with Headboard and 3 Storage Drawers
Toddler Bunk 
- with lower guard rails and 3 Storage Drawers